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Busy Developer's May in Bucharest - DrupalCamp and Yahoo! Open Hack Europe

Gabriel Dragomir

Busy Developer's May in Bucharest

Two major events aimed at developers will take place in Bucharest in May 2011 within a week. Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011 is scheduled on 7th and 8th of May. The weekend after features a first class event: Yahoo! Open Hack Europe 2011 will be organized by Yahoo Developer Network on 14th and 15th of May.

Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011 | May 7-8, Student's Culture House, Bucharest, Romania

The last edition was held in Timisoara in 2010, and was joined by 170 developers from countries. We enjoyed 2 days of Drupal presentations focused on development, design and showcases.

Why should you come?

Drupalcamp Bucharest will mashup lots of sessions, keynotes, Bird-of-a-Feather talks, codesprints and social networking events. It is the perfect place to find about new web technologies and about the brand new Drupal 7 and the new features and APIs introduced.

If you are looking for Drupal talents for hire, this is the perfect spot to find them. If you are looking for a new way to build highly interactive web applications with a social flavor or just found about Drupal, this is the place to get advice and learn. If you are already a Drupal pro, there are lots of people who want to learn from your experience!.

Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011 has opened registrations at the conference website, and is awaiting session submissions for several tracks:

  • Drupal for Beginners
  • Theming, Design, and Usability
  • Development and Performance
  • Drupal in action: Business, eLearning, NGOs, eGovernance

The preferred language of the conference is English, as we have an international audience.

This edition of Drupalcamp is organized by Drupal Romania Association in partnership with Students' Culture House of Bucharest and the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Society.

This Drupalcamp is possible with the generous sponsorship of: Gecad ePayment, Yahoo! Developer Network, Adulmec, Hangar Hosting, Zitec, Webikon.

We own to our media partners who help us spread the word: Agora, IT Trends, Joobs, Open Software Network, RONUA, PHP Romania, TehnoPOL, WorldIT

Yahoo! Open Hack Europe 2011 | May 14-15, Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest, Romania

The last European Open Hack held in London in 2009 was a huge success with over 350 developers and designers hacking into the wee hours and producing 61 fantastic technology hacks. Bucharest will be the first Open Hack in mainland Europe aimed at developers and designers from all across Europe.

Open Hack Europe 2011 will begin with a series of hack-related presentations from some of the Web's most respected developers, followed by 24 hours of hacking using a great collection of web tools, services and APIs from the Yahoo! Developer Network (including YUI, YQL, Flickr, Updates, Answers, and more), and other APIs and data from around the Web. The event will end on the second day with the hack demos plus bragging rights until the end of eternity or the next Hack Day, whichever comes first.

Yahoo! will provide you with everything you need to have fun, be creative and productive, and impress your peers with what you can do with a computer and the wealth of technologies and data available on the Web.

You can find out more about Open Hack Europe 2011 and register for the event here: