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Using Features

Development and performance

Features are a way of packaging together parts of a site (views, content types, settings, imagecache profiles, code) into reusable bits. It aims to improve the staging of your Drupal websites and make versioning control and cooperation more easy.

If you're familiar with one of the following scenarions then this session is for you.

  • You create a site for client A, then client B comes along wanting a site that has the same "projects" section as client A's site, but on a totally different website.
  • You have a site in production and need to roll out a new section e.g. blog - which is both modules and module configuration, you've created it once on dev/qa/staging and now need to push it live.
  • You are building a medium / large site and have more than one developer working on the site. How do you stop them getting in the way of one another?

This session will introduce you to Features, show you how to use it and present the limitations you will be faced with.