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BOF - is there community support for "the Drupal Shop" business tool ???


I would like to propose a BOF about the following case:

We as a Drupal Shop, need to manage the project, the client, the site and the developers. In writing our processes out in steps, we have discovered 20+ steps that are taken from start to end in a project.

We have implemented several methods and tools to handle that. Pay attention to the word "tools". It is plural.

We have basecamp, redmine, timetracking tools, gmail, google docs, shared calendars and experimented with more. It works, but it can be improved.

What I would like to do in this BOF is talk with other people from Drupal Shops that are struggling with this as well and discuss the following points:

- Could there be a way central way of handling these business processes? Even if every shop has it's own different workflow.
- Would there be support from other shops to combine efforts on starting a project around this?

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