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Despre Drupalcamp București 2011


Asociația Drupal România organizează în zilele de 7 și 8 mai 2011 cel de-al doilea eveniment major: Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011.


Drupal Romania Association currently organizes its second major event: Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011, taking place during 7th and 8th of May, 2011.

What is a Drupalcamp?

It's an event aimed to leverage the sharing of knowledge about Drupal and to facilitate learning Drupal in an open environment. Drupalcamp is an intense, participant-driven event, hosting workshops and demos, and following the format of “unconferences” as opposite to official conferences (such as OSCON, DrupalCon, LinuxCon, etc.). Participants submit proposals before the event is held, and the schedule is designed based on these proposals. The overall goals of Drupalcamp are to connect local and regional communities and to allow the sharing of knowledge. Drupalcamps are community sharing and training events for Drupal enthusiasts.

This is the second Drupalcamp in Romania. The previous one took place in Timisoara.

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